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Painting Size


Add a free Storage Box?

28-slot Break-apart Diamond Storage Box Free Diamond Painting Tool MyCraftsGfit - Free 5D Diamond Painting

28-slot Break-apart Diamond Storage Box

56-slot Break-apart Diamond Storage Box Free Diamond Painting Tool MyCraftsGfit - Free 5D Diamond Painting

56-slot Break-apart Diamond Storage Box


Add a free Drill Pen?

Resin Polished Drill Pen - MyCraftsGfit - Free 5D Diamond Painting

Resin Polished Drill Pen

Point Drill Pen Set Free Diamond Painting Tool MyCraftsGfit - Free 5D Diamond Painting

Point Drill Pen Set


Add other free Tools?

Drill Tray Organizer Free Diamond Painting Tool MyCraftsGfit - Free 5D Diamond Painting

Drill Tray Organizer

Silicone Collapsible Funnel Foldable (Random Color) Free Diamond Painting Tool MyCraftsGfit - Free 5D Diamond Painting

Silicone Collapsible Funnel Foldable (Random Color)

Non-Stick Silicone Release Paper (5PCS/SET) Free Diamond Painting Tool MyCraftsGfit - Free 5D Diamond Painting

Non-Stick Silicone Release Paper (5PCS/SET)

Free 5D Diamond Painting Kits Wolf freeshipping - MyCraftsGfit - 5D Diamond Painting


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Free Starter Kit Inside

Free starter kit to get you started right out of the box:

  • Canvas x 1
  • Diamonds, Tray x 1
  • Applicator + Grip x 1
  • Wax x 1
  • Tweezers x 1

Satisfied or Return

We are very confident in the quality of our products. If your product has any quality problems, please contact us directly for free reissue or return!


Exquisite & Beautiful Drills

All diamond paintings are mixed with 5D AB Drills

The diamond drills are upgraded to 5D AB drills: each round diamond is 26 cuts, making your diamond painting more visually appealing and lifelike.


Only Real Painting Size!

Some dishonest merchants deceive customers by confusing Painting Size and Canvas Size. They often label Painting Size as Canvas Size, so that customers think they are buying a large diamond painting,  but the actual painting size will be much smaller than the actual size.

Therefore, we solemnly guarantee that all sizes are painting size, Canvas Size is not counted.

  • Picture is very clear and realistic.

    Suzanne Bowman
  • It’s very beautiful I gave it to my granddaughter. She she loves it very much.

    Rhonda Yanutik
  • Just finished it today. my husband loved it. I enjoyed doing it.

    Peggy Gilday
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      Mixed with 5D AB-Drills


      Free reissue of beads


      Works right out of the box


      95% positive rates in reviews.

      Free 5D Diamond Paintings

       (8000+ Happy Customers)

      If you want to make your home more beautiful and colorful, diamond painting can help you add a vibrant decoration. Combining DIY painting, originality, and dazzling resin sequins with unique luster, diamond painting is the most popular DIY jewelry at present. It perfectly decorates your living room or bedroom, allowing you to create different styles, and we are sure that you will like it.

      Easy to Read

      Large operation area, Easy to read numbers & letters. Colors are bright and vibrant, beautiful images. 5D diamond painting kits are all manual designs, restore the original image as much as possible.


      High-definition printing on canvas, the high clear printing canvas has even texture, colors, and layered. The pattern is covered with strong glue as a whole to make the diamond stronger. DIY diamond painting is simple for beginners. You can easily finish it.

      Diamond painting kit

      Extra 30% drills for each full drill crafts diamond art. 100% FULL DRILL. Include everything you need to start with your newest masterpiece! All diamond paintings are checked and weighed to ensure that no painting accessories are missing.

      Unique and gifts

      The popular DIY diamond art is more fashionable for home decorations. Gem art perfectly decor different styles of living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and offices. After the production is completed, can be used as a perfect gift for birthdays and holidays to friends.

      Winter “House In The Snow” Free 5D Diamond Painting Kits MyCraftsGfit - Free 5D Diamond Painting

      Package Content

      1 x HD waterproof canvas
      1 x Point diamond pen
      1 x Cube diamond tray
      1 x Painting glue clay
      1 x HD Oil painting Canvas

      **We offer round drills.
      **100% New, HD high quality.
      **Give 30% more diamonds.

      Winter “House In The Snow” Free 5D Diamond Painting Kits MyCraftsGfit - Free 5D Diamond Painting


      Color: As shown
      Material: Rhinestone + Canvas
      Painting Size: As shown(12in ~ 27in)
      Drill Shape: 5D Diamond Painting (Round or Square Drill)
      Space: Living Room/Bedroom/Classroom/Entrance

      8000+ Happy Customers

      We offer authentic painting sizes, mix all paintings with 5D AB drills, include 30% extra diamond drills, and provide a free complete tool kit with each order. This has enabled more than 8,000 customers to have a satisfying diamond painting experience, and the number of satisfied customers is still increasing.



      Want to customize your own unique diamond painting?

      Custom Your Own DP

      A Sailor's Story

      I've been out of the country and living on a boat for several years so I only heard about diamond painting a few weeks ago.
      I decided to try it because I was intrigued by others saying they d.p. to help with their anxiety.
      But I was really interested in how few tools and materials are needed to do the hobby since I don't have space to store much.
      Funny enough, I don't care so much about the finished image since I can't display my work. I choose images to give as gifts or because they have a lot of confetti (love confetti).
      Basically, I am in the hobby just for the doing of it and no reason else.

      A Story of Elyndaryth

      I was a cross-stitcher. I had been doing that for years, but there were so many designs I wanted to do, and I knew I would never have time to do them all. I started a diamond painting January 2020 to see what all the fuss was about. I was so pleased with how fun, soothing, and satisfying it was, that I kept ordering kits. Now I've done many, many kits and custom designs, and I just keep going! I love being a part of the art and enjoying all of the pretty colors along the way. I enjoy sitting quietly at the kitchen table with my diamonds and thinking "shower thoughts". Conversely, I sometimes listen to heavy metal or pop music, or even an audio book.

      A grandma from California

      I retired almost 2 years ago and love doing crafty things. I enjoy Diamond Painting because it is so relaxing and I just love listening to audio books or podcasts while working on a project. I keep my sessions short because I broke my back a year ago. I found sitting aggravates the pain, so I haven't done any for a few months, but am going to come up with a different type of system so I can get back into it! I have given away almost all of my DPs and my friends and family seem very pleased!

      A Story of HalfBrainer

      I actually thought diamond painting was so stupid when I heard about it like 1 1/2 years ago. I’d see ads for it on Instagram but ended up seeing someone on TikTok doing one and it was so satisfying and relaxing to watch. I decided to try it out, got some kits for Christmas and I’ve been hooked since.

      It’s very relaxing for me and helps keep my mind occupied. I’m honestly not doing well mentally and it helps me tremendously. I love displaying them all over the house. They’re quite pretty to look at.

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      Are everything included in such as rhinestones and tools?

      • 1 x HD waterproof canvas
      • 1 x Point diamond pen
      • 1 x Cube diamond tray
      • 1 x Painting glue clay
      • Colorful magic diamonds (extra 30% beads included)

      Do you have large diamond paintings?

      Yes, we have large diamond painting/ special diamond paintings/ crystal diamond paintings/ square diamond paintings/ cross stitch/ DIY-Craft/ Tools.

      Is your glue poured or sticky tape on the canvas?

      Diamond paintings already have patterns, and there is a layer of glue on the canvas. You only need to match the number of the beads in the corresponding area and stick the beads in the corresponding area.

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