Our Story

A lost and found cat let's meet here

I lost my pet cat in May 2020, it's called Little Prince.

I missed my little prince so much and longed for a way to relieve stress and resolve anxiety, so that's when we discovered Diamond Painting. So I wanted to make a painting of diamonds for the little prince and hang it in my hallway, hoping to see it everyday.

We found that when we devote ourselves to making paintings, it also has a certain healing effect on us.

Fortunately, after I finished the diamond painting, in June, after disappearing for 28 days, my little prince miraculously appeared in the grass at the door of our apartment!

To this day, I am grateful for this wonderful fate, allowing me to meet my little prince again.

This also led me to sell diamond paintings. I hope that by making diamond paintings, I can commemorate and express my emotions. We will forever miss our relatives, friends, and animal friends, recording our beautiful life and yearning.

"Don't cry my dearest, my best friend,Space-time is a circle, go straight or turn,we will all meet eventually."

We’re lovers of art ourselves at mycraftsgift.com, and know first-hand how therapeutic and relaxing painting can be. We think everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of painting, which is why our diamond paintings are available worldwide and we offer free paintings to all territories!

Although we liked this craft very much, we were very dissatisfied with the quality of the DIY paintings on the market at that time. Therefore, in 2020, Mycraftsgift.com was born.