We’re lovers of art ourselves at mycraftsgift.com, and know first-hand how therapeutic and relaxing painting can be. We think everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of painting, which is why our diamond painting are available worldwide and we offer free paintings to all territories!



In 2016, We were very anxious because we were under a lot of pressure at the time. We worked more than 65 hours a week. Sometimes we didn’t even have time to eat, which was very hard. We longed for a way to relieve our stress and resolve anxiety, and at that time we discovered the diamond painting and paint by numbers.

We found that when we devote ourselves to making paintings, it also has a certain healing effect on us. It is our own time, and therefore we have become very passionate about this craftsmanship.

Although we liked this craft very much, we were very dissatisfied with the quality of the DIY paintings on the market at that time. Therefore, in 2017, Mycraftsgift.com was born.