Square Drill VS Round Drill?

Square Drill VS Round Drill?

"Square Drill" and "Round Drill" in diamond paintings are two common diamond shapes. They have some differences in the production process of diamond paintings, including appearance, construction techniques and final effect.


The differences between "Square Drill" and "Round Drill" in diamond painting are as follows:

1. Shape and Appearance

  • Square Drill: Square diamonds have distinct straight edges and corners, giving a more geometric look. Due to their shape, square drills can be placed more closely together when filling the canvas, resulting in a smoother and more orderly appearance.

  • Round Drill: Round diamonds have a smooth circular appearance with no sharp edges or corners. When filling the canvas, round drills slightly overlap, creating a softer and more organic look.

2. Construction Techniques

  • Square Drill: When filling square diamonds, it is important to ensure the precise placement of each diamond to maintain pattern accuracy and neatness. Square drills are better suited for showcasing straight lines and angles, especially in handling intricate pattern details.

  • Round Drill: Filling round diamonds is relatively easier as their shape allows for better overlapping, making them excel in handling curves and circular details.

3. Final Effect

  • Square Drill: Artworks filled with square diamonds typically exhibit a more modern and geometric appearance, suitable for patterns with many straight lines and angles. The filling method of square drills results in a smoother and more detailed finish.

  • Round Drill: Artworks filled with round diamonds usually have a softer, more organic look, ideal for patterns with many curves and circular details. The filling method of round drills creates a gentler and more natural appearance.


The choice between square drills and round drills depends on personal preference and the characteristics of the pattern. Square drills are suitable for patterns with geometric, straight lines, and many angles, while round drills are ideal for patterns with curves and circular details. Regardless of the diamond shape you choose, you can create unique and beautiful diamond paintings based on your aesthetic preferences and tastes.

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